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Be a Buddy to Someone !

Stay Blessed! Is created with the spirit of Humanity bringing together all the speakers, artists who are uplifting the mark of talent in India and across the globe.

It supports the independent organizers who want to create a Stay Blessed! Event formatted and curated as per our standards and mission in their own community of people.

What is Stay Blessed!?

Stay Blessed! Is a program me designed to help communities, organizations and individuals to connect globally providing platform & opportunities to emerging artists and speakers across the world and curating the quality content as per the needs of the society and people. 

Attend a Stay Blessed! Event

In the spirit of reminding people that life is a blessing and let’s grow as a human being to cherish the life the best way we can, Stay Blessed! Programme helps communities, organizations and individuals to produce, organize or define the concept bringing change to mankind at the local level.
Considering the primary needs to grow as a human being, a very well planned day full of inspiration and motivation reminding core values to live by.


A day when you get yourself a Buddy in you.
Stay Blessed! Events will be planned, co-ordinated individually and curated as per the concept and subject under a free license from Stay Blessed! 


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