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With a vision to install Gross Art Happiness on Earth, as development philosophy for practicing Humanity as well as art, as medium of the infinite galaxy of universe which can be used  to measure the collective happiness on the planet. I wish to create an infinite spectrum as happiness, by means of art and humanity and to use these weapons, to help, to guide mankind as by reminding them their core values to live. Our entire universe is a creation by the creator and every minute thing that exists on this planet is a masterpiece. 

Let’s just not exist.. Let’s live..

My vision:
It is not just limited to spreading motivation and inspiring lives. It’s created to multiply this concept by uplifting the mark of Humanity.  If a single woman artist can make a difference to other two, then the other two can also make difference to other four and it goes beyond our thinking where it can reach.

My principle: 
We are never created to be depressed, defeated, guilty, ashamed, condemned or unworthy as we are created to live victorious life.  Sometimes, it is the deepest pain which empowers as to grow into the highest self.  Creator of this beautiful has seen our unloveliness, deep brokenness and rebellion in our hearts – and instead of withdrawing he pursues as to the very end.

Humanity above all.. My journey with zero bank balance...

I witnessed that, “there is no day or night to be a Buddy of someone”, I never needed anything else except will of my own heart to be someone’s Buddy...

My Initiative & My Journey...
It laid on the foundation to inspire people by motivating through art.

A desire to create a space for a human being with an approach of Humanity, where emotions are honoured as bliss... 
Our Buddies acknowledges human bodies as divine souls, as we are blessed to be on Earth by the creator of this world.

With this initiative we wish to be your Bosom Mitra means a bosom friend or a kindered spirit tagged as “Buddy” which is close to your heart.

Before anything else we are just human beings and the core of our soul which unites us together is Humanity.
God created circumstances and blessed me with the ways people used to approach me, for one or the other reason as for guidance or assistance, even knowing the fact that I am an ordinary human being. My heart made me do whatever I can for them in all the circumstances which crossed my path and God helped me that way. I realized that what I am doing is may be special as it created some difference in their lives. At the end, when I come to the profit and loss thing what I gave them is just a hope to explore new options in life as inspirational steps. This is the way, how it became a great beginning and achievement too of my journey as spreading happiness and inspiration.
Now, each day kindness is warmly served based on voluntarily aspect, whether you are an individual or an organization serving humanity.  In order to offer an approach towards life inspiration drive via. Medium of art, turned up in the form of humanitarian consultancy service geared as a helping hand towards leveraging emerging art and design for emerging artists.

I am a keen observer of situations and people, the way they deal with circumstances. I have done a lot of research and tried to explore the depth of understanding of user interfaces. 

In my each projects, I try to make it more interesting and my presentation as casual as I can and yet realistic to make people feel comfy and create an aura of happy listening too.

As concept for all..
I believe that, Art is the most creative form to explore infinite connections between diversity of life and evaluate evidences of glory of planet and arguments of little emotions.

On the one hand, a large part of the beauty of art is that we, the viewers, can bring our own meaning and assign our own context to an artwork based upon our memories, personalities and life experiences. We don't need to know exactly what the artwork is supposed to be about in order to feel a deep appreciation for it.
Selection of few subjective paintings to express my views makes Art as a powerful medium to convey a visual image and draw attention to simple details. Art has fluidity and always outlives its creator. For each person, a picture conveys a different meaning, and with time, its message either changes or becomes more relevant. 
Art can bring people together, start dialogue, promote a social change or on a personal level activate something within the human psyche, much larger. It generates humanity in us. Through art, I am trying to explore a personal subjectivity & I feel that, it’s a personal narrative.

Making a Difference.. # Humanity

Buddy is someone who always says, “ I am there” and actually means that.
When the world says “its over” and all the doors are shut for you, Buddy keeps a faith and believes in you. 
Buddy is a guide who helps like a guardian angel by just being there. 

It’s a voice that echoes in you ears that “ I am glad and happy that you are doing for yourself”. 

Buddy may not help you with materialistic things and to sort out with human traits and tactics but just someone who says, “ Yes, I am there as a Human Being”, for you to be with you in whatsoever happens, not just because Buddy has feelings for you but as a Human Being who approaches other Human Being.
Just being a Buddy means Bosom Mitra to someone can also make difference in millions of lives.
I have now collaborated with a national and international network of artists, designers, curators, private collectors and institutions to harness the creativity of emerging exceptional talents by taking their voluntary assistance required for the specific and needy artists.  Now, the identity is on the foundation of specializing in acquiring emerging and contemporary art and design.

We under the tutelage of my few buddies has started worked closely with arts institutions to conceptualize and develop unique exhibition especially suited to the need of emerging artists. Research and develop the exhibition concept for the artists. Collaborating with people to make things easier. Producing the exhibition catalogue for promotion and authenticity. Developing supplementary programming and educational materials. Overseeing marketing and promotional activities. Arranging logistic including shipping, insurance and loan agreements. Supervising the installations.

We are active in 93 countries of the world at present and we wish to spread the legacy forward !
Stay Creative....Stay Blessed !!!

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