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Stay Blessed! Format

A precisely curated concept, carefully prepared considering the interests of the ordinary people with talks, performances that are idea-focused to benefit mankind and uplift themselves to rise higher in self-development by growing themselves as a human being and cover a wide range of subjects to foster the feeling of learning as lifelong process, inspiration through observation, sense of wonder as a delight and provoke the remedies creating awareness and literacy for the conversations that matter.


An Absolute Humanity –driven and bias free concept

Stay Blessed! Event is organized by a group of people as Buddies from the local community, and DO NOT ENTERTAIN the promotion of COMMERCIAL, RELIGIOUS, or POLITICAL AGENDA. We only deliver Humanity with literacy programmes to uplift mankind.


Core Values :

  • Our Rules and Regulations are mandatory for all.

  • All the Rules and Regulations are not negotiable at any context.

  • We do not host events to raise money, donations or monetary aids even for charity.

  • We do not cater any kind of events which may influence or provoke people to hurt the sentiments of any religion, special-interest political, religious or promote any commercial groups or NGOs.

  • Our events are hosted in the name of Stay Blessed ! only, we do not co-partner with any other organization.

  • Our events are not crafted for professional speakers, life coaches and motivational speakers. We provide platform to needy, emerging artists providing earning opportunities and platform to them.

  • We do not promote a particular subject or field. We cover all the needs of the society and work with new subject or field each time.

  • We do not promote any marketing or industry based conferences or events with our name.

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